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D-Zen Washoku


D-Zen Washoku is an all-day dining outlet which is managed and operated by the famous Japanese brand. The interior of this outlet portrays the famous Japanese guest-house (Rokan) like golden-day era time with its tranquil Zen-liked wooden timber designs. The outlet is popular for its charcoal grilled on skewer and classic traditional Japanese Sushi, Sashimi and Teppanyaki dishes. Located on the ground floor of the hotel, this outlet provides guests a casual dining experience all-day long in an open concept or in semi-private and/or private rooms for small groups.
This outlet opens daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner and can accomodate 110 persons. Guests can indulge in varieties of Japanese and Continental cuisines in the Buffet Breakfast spread served daily. For lunch and dinner, guests can look forward to typical authentic Japanese set meals at affordable rates.

Operation Hour:
Monday to Saturday 11:00am-2:30pm|6:00pm-10:00pm

Social Media:

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Contact: Whatsapp or call us at +603-2779 1673


D-Zen Breakfast 1
D-Zen Breakfast 2


D-Zen Breakfast 3
D-Zen Breakfast 4
D-Zen Breakfast 5



Amaebi Sashimi
Aori Ika Sashimi
Botan Ebi Sashimi
Hamachi Sashimi


Hotatei Sashimi
Maguro Sashimi
Maguro Tataki
Salmon Belly Sashimi


Salmon Sashimi
Shime Saba Sashimi
Tako Sashimi
White Tuna Sashimi



Chiashi Sushi Rice
Kaisen Saikoro Don
Salimon Ikura Don
Rice Set


Chicken Katsu Curry Don
Chicken Katsu Don
Garlic Fried Rice
Karrage Chicken Don


Oyako Don
Salmon Fried Rice
Shogayali Don
Seafood Fried Rice



Ankanke Yakisoba
Ramen Hiyashi
Kimuchi Yaki Soba
Seafood Yaki Udon


Inaniwa Udon
Kitsu Udon
Shogakayi Udon
Seafood Aglio Oioo Spaghetti


Cha Soba
Zaru Soba
Kimuchi Nabeya Udon
Chicken Kastu Curry Don



Garlic Potato Salad
Seafood Salad
Soft Shell Crab Salad
Tofu Salad



Ebi Tempura
Yasai Tempura
Kisu Tempura
Tempura Moriwase



Tenppan Mix Seafood
Teppan Salmon
Teppan Scallop
Teppan Shitake Mushroom


Teppan Oyster
Teppan Beef
Teppan Chicken
Aust Tenderloin Steak


Australia Wahyu Stripoin
Teppan Asparagus
Teppan Mayashi
Teppan Mix Mushroom


Teppan King Prawn
Teppan Enoki Beef Roll
Teppan Mix Vegetables
Teppan Lamb Chop



Chicken Teriyaki
Gindara Shuoyaki
Kaki Mentai Cheese Yaki
Nishiki Sakana


Sake Harasu Shioyaki
Salmon Kabuto Shioyaki
Surume Sakana
Sawara Shoiyaki


Gindara Saikaya Zuke
Unagi Kabayaki
Saba Shioyaki
Sanma Shioyaki



Chinmi Santen Mori
Chikuwa Isobe Age
Japanese Ebi Gyoza
Chuka Hotate With Kyuri


Edamame Garlic Shoyu
Chuka Iidako
Tako Kimuchi
Tako Wasabi


Edatsuki Edamame
Ei Hire
Salmon Skin Age


Spicy Bamboo Shoot
Yasai Kimchi
Smoked Wild Duck
Dashmaki Tamago